About me


Kirsten Morehouse is currently a full time research assistant and lab manager for Professor Mahzarin Banaji’s Social Cognition Lab at Harvard University and a writer and research assistant for Outsmarting Human Minds.

She is a recent graduate from Swarthmore College (2018), where she double majored in Psychology and Cognitive Science, with a focus in statistics, psychology and philosophy.

She will be applying to graduate programs this cycle.


Racial Disparities in Juvenile Transferring (Poster)

Can women be biased against other women? (Popular Science)

Traditional “diversity training” is out. Now what? (Popular Science)

First Language Effect In Implicit Social Cognition (Poster)

Seminar in Implicit Cognition (Syllabus)

To contact, please feel free to write me at knmorehouse@gmail.com or kirsten_morehouse@g.harvard.edu